On the Road to Commercialization

For Businesses and Funding Agencies

The SensorCAT has developed the following technologies to the level at which a working prototype is feasible within one to two year under sufficient funding.


“All in One": Electrical Engineering Educational Kit, Including Labs

  • Potential Market: Developing countries and remote education
  • Expected Cost of the Set: $300-500
  • Expected Cost of the Project: $250,000
  • Length of the Project: 12 months
  • Results : First hardware prototype and Alpha version of software


Electric Grid Outage Survival Power Kit

Thermoelectric source of electric power for emergency situations (medical and communication equipment power support). The system is using a catalytic burner of liquid fuel and produce 20-30W per unit , enough for a notebook, a mobile CB radio or a small medical grade oxygen generator) as long as the fuel supply lasts.  Units can be connected for more power.

  • Potential Market: Households (as emergency power supply), military mobile applications and universal power emergency kits
  • Expected Cost of the Set: $100-150.
  • Cost of Project:  $150,000 + cost of a license for catalytic burner with temperature control
  • Length of the Project: 12 months
  • Results: First hardware prototype and a set of files for manufacturing


Electro-optical Environmental Monitor

  • Potential market: Medical and industrial instrumentation
  • Expected cost: $10-30 per sensor
  • Monitor measures level of oxygen, temperature, pressure and humidity. Very long shelf and active life (more than 36 months)
  • Expected cost of project: $500,000
  • Length of the Project: 24 months
  • Results: First hardware prototype after first 12 months of the project and first prototype for medical or industrial tests after second 12 months of the project

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