Current Development

Mid-infrared Gas Sensors

Joint R&D combines SBU world-leading research on mid-infrared sources and detectors with a proprietary gas-sensing technology developed by a Long Island Company. The goal is development and commercialization of a variety of inexpensive and robust gas sensors for industrial applications.


Nano-sensors for Gases, Humidity, and Icing

Based on SBU research in carbon-based nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes and graphene), an array of inexpensive, highly accurate sensors is been developed for applications in industry and avionics in the Laboratory of Low-dimensional materials for sensors and energy storage.


Nanomaterials for mid-scale energy storage

With industry support, we are developing graphene-based super-capacitors that are promising for applications in transportation.


3D-printing for electronics

Jointly with NY companies, we are developing new materials and designs for 3D printers for electronic manufacturing.


Electric grid monitoring

The R&D in that area is aimed at developing a system of sensors that will give real-time information on the status of electric grid distribution lines and be capable of working after massive power outages.


Computer electronics with ultra-low power consumption

In this ambitious project, our world-leader group in superconducting circuit design works on developing computer chips that would consume orders of magnitude smaller amount of energy than currently possible.

A New York State Center for Advanced Technology at Stony Brook University.

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