Our Team

Serge Luryi, Ph.D., Founding Director

631-632-1368 · serge.luryi@stonybrook.edu

Peter Shkolinkov, Ph.D, Deputy Director

631-632-1483 · peter.shkolnikov@stonybrook.edu

Lawrence Weber, Ph.D., Business Development Manager for NYSTAR Programs at Stony Brook University: Sensor CAT, CEWIT

Entrepreneur in Residence

Adjunct Research Professor

631-632-1368 · lawrence.weber@stonybrook.edu

Affiliated Faculty

Stony Brook University

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Optoelectronics Group

Gregory Belenky · Petar Djuric · Dmitri Donetski · Serge Luryi · Leon Shterengas · Milutin Stanacevic · Sergey Suchalkin · David Westerfeld

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Dilip Gersappe · Miriam Rafailovich

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Qin Chang · Anurag Purwar · Ya Wang

Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Eugene Feinberg

Department of Computer Science

Arie Kaufman · Dimitris Samaras · Rong Zhao

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Vasili Semenov


Binghamton University

Department of Biomedical Engineering: Kenneth McLeod


Columbia University

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Michal Lipson

A New York State Center for Advanced Technology at Stony Brook University.

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